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Yantai Donghe Food Co.,Ltd.was established in July 2011.It is one of leading companies that specialize in processing self-grown fruit into dried fruit,such as dried apple dices(conventional and organic),dried apple rings(conventional and organic ),dried peach halves ,dried pear halves and so on.most of which are exported to Europe,North America,the Commonwealth of Independent States and some Southeast Asica countries.
Since the establishment of the company,we have concentrated on preventing and reducing risks and improving quality of our products. Our products has passed the standard of ISO9001-2000 International Quality Systerm in the year 2012,and the company was selected as Flagship Company in the area of deep processing of agricultural food by the Yantai Government,and one of the most expecting small-and-medium-sized enterprises in Shandong as well.
Covering about 83 mu of land,our company has 3 workshops,one about 9200 square meters ,and an undergroud thermostat cellar with the capacity of 2000 tons.
Our company has a planted about 2000 mu, in which fruit like peach,pear,cherry,apple, strawberry are planted. Fresh fruit in season is sent to the workshop from here,strictly according to the requirements of HACCP and GMP,which guarantees the quality of the material. Then the fresh fruit is cleaned and preliminarily processed. After that,the material is boiled, dried, carefully chosen and packed. All the steps of production, from material, processing,testing, to package, have been under our own control, which guarantees the high stable quality, low cost, latest product information and high-efficient management.
The foreign trade sales agency and foreign trade commissioner network training are our featured products apart from the dried fruits.
All these will support us to provide our buyers around the world with reliable and stable high-quality service.

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